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  • Hard-alloy drill of TE-YX 20/52

Hard-alloy drill of TE-YX 20/52

Hard-alloy drill of TE-YX 20/52
  • Hard-alloy drill of TE-YX 20/52
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1217 MDL
Country of manufacture:Liechtenstein

Hard-alloy drill of TE-YX 20/52

Number of the article 421934 Advantages

  • The integral hard-alloy head for maximum efficiency, reliability of work and the smaller number of jammings in case of hit in fittings
  • The thermoprocessed flute for smaller wear, the plastic core for reliability
  • The hard-alloy head of a drill provides the maximum reliability and long service life
  • Steadily high efficiency of drilling and smaller probability of jamming or jamming in fittings
  • Wear tag for approximate assessment of a resource of a drill
  • Waterproofing of seams in a stone laying and concrete
  • Reinforcing of designs and sealing of tunnels
  • Simple drilling in hard-to-reach spots for mechanical assembly works and installation of electric equipment
  • Strengthening of the bases of old buildings at recovery work
  • Installation of fittings at construction of bridges and laying of tunnels
Country of manufacture:Liechtenstein
Information is up-to-date: 18.01.2018

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